Why Dog Genealogy is Important

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dog genealogy

There are many advantages to knowing your dog’s family tree and understanding their DNA. Major benefits include:

  • Understanding Dog Behaviors. Many of your dog’s quirks and personality traits can be explained partially by their ancestry. Maybe your dog loves to dig, or barks a lot. Behaviors like these can be illuminated with breed testing kits. This deeper understanding of your dog’s breed-based behaviors can then be used when developing a personalized dog training plan.
  • Health Threats. Understanding your dog’s genealogy helps you prepare and for possible health risks common in specific breeds. Once you know your dog may be prone to certain diseases or illness, you can be proactive in preventing deterioration.
  • See Your Mutt’s Genealogy: Dog genealogy tests can trace your dog’s origins several generations back to his or her ancestors. While dogs don’t care much about where they came from, discovering your puppy’s dog family tree can be tons of fun for the human family.
dog genealogy test
  • Weight Predictions. Dog genealogy DNA testing kits can predict the adult size and weight of your puppy. This can help you prepare for your dog’s growth and ensure that your dog keeps a healthy weight appropriate for his or her breed.
  • Prevent Inbreeding. Dog genealogy testing is essential for purebred dogs who are being bred, as it’s vital to understand your dog’s genealogy before participating in breeding programs. Canine breed DNA identifier tests can assist owners in breed certification and reveal a dog’s genetic diversity, helping you prevent inbreeding.

Consider purchasing a dog DNA test to discover your dog’s genealogy.