Dog Breed Identifier Kit: Wisdom Panel 2.5

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Dog breed identifier kits allow dog owners to easily conduct a breed identification test and discover their dog’s genealogy.

There are several consumer dog breed identification products available for owners looking to better understand their pet’s genetic history, the most popular being Wisdom Panel 2.5.

With Wisdom Panel 2.5, customers simply order the dog breed identifier kit, use the provided cheek swab to capture a DNA sample, and send the sample back to the lab for analysis.

In this article, we will be digging in to how Wisdom Panel 2.5 works, and how it compares against similar products.

This Version Is Outdated – Try Wisdom Panel Premium Instead!

Wisdom Panel 2.5 is an older version of the dog DNA tests offered by Mars Veterinary. Instead, read our review of the latest Wisdom Panel Premium here!

Wisdom Panel 2.5 Dog Breed Identifier Test

wisdom pane 2.5

Product Features:

  • Easy to use. Simple step-by-step instructions make this dog breed identifier kit easy to use. Just do a quick cheek swab and send it off to Wisdom Panel’s dog DNA lab for testing.
  • Comprehensive Breed Report. Receive an advanced in-depth breed report for your dog, as well as insights regarding your dog’s possible behavior issues, health problems, and weight expectations in accordance with their dog genealogy.
  • Speedy Response. After sending out your dog’s DNA sample, you’ll get your dog ancestry report 2-3 weeks later.
  • Meet Your Dog Great-Grandparents. See your pooch’s dog family tree as far back as their great-grandparents!
  • MDR1 Genetic Mutation Test. This new feature with the latest Wisdom Panel 2.5 contains a test for multi-drug sensitivity, which can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions.
  • Mutt, Purebred, or Designer Dog. Dog breed identifier testing can be used to identify mixed breeds, purebreds, or designer dogs.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service. Wisdom Panel is known for their excellent customer service and their speedy response to customer questions and concerns.
  • Easy to Purchase. Wisdom Panel 2.0 is available to purchase from Amazon, making it very convienent to order.

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Wisdom Panel 2.5 Report: What To Expect

We will be detailing what kind of information you can expect to get in your Wisdom Panel 2.5 dog breed identification report following the DNA testing of your dog.

Once your dog has been tested, you’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your dog’s genetic ancestry. Here’s what you’ll learn.

1. Key Breeds Detected

Your report will show, through text and illustration, the most likely combination of pure and mixed breed dogs in your dog’s last two ancestral generations.

mixed dog breed identification

2. Breed History, Appearance, and Behavior

The next section of your dog identification report will provide a historical background about the prominent breeds in your dog’s genetics. You’ll be clued into key visual indicators (ears, muzzle shape, tail) that tend to define specific breeds – you may see some of these specific physical breed traits in your dog (remember, you won’t always witness physical breed traits).

dog breed identifier test

You’ll also be given behavior indicators to look for. Does your dog respond well to treat training incentives? Does your dog enjoy learning tricks? These may be attributes associated with your dog’s breed history!

While your dog has his or her own unique personality, it can be fun to discover that some aspects of your pet’s personality are influenced by their doggie ancestry.

3. How Key Physical Traits are Inherited

You’ll also get a comprehensive assessment at how certain physical characteristics of your canine’s ancestry may be appear within your own dog, helping you look for physical indictors of your dog’s ancestry. While the above section deals with a few general breed characteristics, this section gets much more in-depth.

Your dog is a unique combination of various breeds, and you’ll doubtlessly find hints of your dog’s genetic melting pot in his behavior and appearance. While your dog may behave or look like only one of the breeds in his genetic makeup, chances are his physical appearance and personality will be a blend of breed characteristics. In this section, you’ll learn exactly what to look for.

dog breed identifier report

4. DNA Sample Cluster

In your Wisdom Panel 2.5 report, you’ll also find a comprehensive PCA (Principle Component Analysis) of your dog’s DNA sample cluster.

dog breed identification report

While the language in this section can be daunting, it basically provides another angle with which to analyze your dog’s DNA. It shows what lab technicians would expect your dog’s DNA cluster to look like, taking into account his breed composition, and where your dog’s actual DNA cluster lies.

5. Adult Weight Prediction

You’ll also get an adult weight prediction for your dog, taking into account the adult weight and size of breeds in his genetic makeup.

6. Dog Breed Identifier Certificate

Your Wisdom Panel 2.5 report also includes a customized dog certificate showing your dog’s DNA history, with an option for you to add a photo of your dog before printing it out.

wisdom panel 2.0 report

Wisdom Panel 2.5 Evaluation: Should You Get It?

Wisdom Panel 2.5 was the best in its heyday, but it has sense been eclipsed by newer Wisdom Panel editions released by Mars Veterinary.

Instead, we suggest purchasing Wisdom Panel 4.0, the edition packed with new features and a streamlined design. Read our full review of Wisdom Panel 4.0 here!

Wisdom Panel 2.5
  • Genealogy / Family Tree Data
  • Health Data
  • Breed Database
  • Price
  • Bonus Features & Extras


Wisdom Panel 2.5 provides great information on a dog’s genealogy, as well as some interesting health data, although the newer Wisdom Panel 4.0 tests for more genetic diseases. The breed database from Mars Veterinary is reliable, and the price certainly makes this affordable for most. While Wisdom Panel 2.5 is a fine enough choice, we suggest opting for the updated Wisdom Panel 4.0, which tests for coyote and wolf ancestry, as well as more genetic testing. The newer models also tend to be less expensive than older models, due to stock.

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