How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

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Dog DNA testing is simple and easy to do! To begin with, you’ll need to order a dog DNA testing kit (check out our dog DNA test comparison guide if you’re not sure which product to use). Then…

Step 1: Collect Your Dog’s DNA

The first step is to collect your dog’s DNA – don’t worry, it’s easy! Just insert a cotton swab into your dog’s mouth and rub it against the inside of his cheek to collect a cheek swab DNA sample.

Step 2: Send the Dog DNA Sample to the Lab

Most dog DNA test kits provide a self-addressed package for you to use in order to send your dog’s DNA to the lab for testing. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and label the DNA samples when necessary.

Step 3: Get Your Dog Ancestry Results!

You can expect to receive your dog’s genetic report in approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on which product you choose. Reports contain detailed information about your dog’s ancestry and breed genetics. This information isn’t just fun – it also can help you:

  • Understand your dog’s behaviors
  • Develop a tailored training program based on your dog’s breed history
  • Discover your dog’s weight prediction
  • Be aware of any potential diseases or illnesses common in certain breeds

Interested? Order the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test kit today! Or learn more about canine genetic testing: