Learn why your dog does what he does

Dog DNA tests are a fun and easy way to discover your dog’s genealogy. They can help reveal valuable information about your dog, such as behavioral traits, potential health issues, and adult weight predictions.

Discover your dog’s secret ancestry!

Is your dog part Border Collie? How about part Greyhound? Maybe some Labrador too?

DNA test kits can reveal your mystery mutt’s breed composition, tracing your dog’s breed ancestry as far back as great-grandparents!

Learn about potential health risks

Discovering your dog’s family tree isn’t just a ton of fun — it’s also important for keeping your dog healthy. Dog DNA kits can detect for genetic health risks your pup may be susceptible to (giving you the info to take preventative measures).

How do dog DNA test kits work?

They’re simple and easy to do — no veterinarian needed!

Step 1: collect DNA

Order a dog DNA test kit from a reputable service and collect a simple (and painless) DNA sample with the cheek swab provided in the kit.

step 2: send sample to lab

Send the DNA sample to the kit lab, where they will analyze your dog’s DNA for various breed-related genetic markers.

step 3: Get your results

Most services will send your dog’s DNA test results within 2-3 weeks!