Dog Breed Selector Tools: Find Your Perfect Dog

Are thinking about picking out a pooch of your very own, but aren’t sure which breed is right for you?

There are several sites and resources that can help you choose a dog breed that will fit in with your personality and lifestyle.

Finding the right dog can be tough. In order to find your perfect dog breed, you should consider factors like:

  • How often your dog will be left at home alone
  • The size of your house and yard (or nearby green space)
  • Your energy level

The dog breed selector quizzes below will ask you questions like these and more to determine the best dog breed for your unique needs.

Find the right dog for you – check out these great sites below that make choosing a dog breed easy.

Dog Breed Selector Quizzes

Many sites offers different dog breed selector quizzes and doggy matchmaking tools to set you up with your perfect dog breed.

Try one of the recommended selector tools below (or use them all!)

1. Dog Breed Selector from Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s dog breed selector tool asks 10 easy questions, resulting in a “top dog” recommended breed, as well as several runner-ups who might also be suitable breeds for you.

This test helps you find your perfect dog breed match based on:

  • ideal dog size
  • energy level
  • how much time you can devote to exercising your dog
  • how often you’ll be able to play with your dog
  • how affectionate you’d like your dog to be
  • whether or not you have other pets
  • your dog’s trainability
  • your dog’s protectiveness
  • how much time you can devote to grooming
  • climate temperatures

2. Breed Selector Tool from Iams

The breed selector tool from Iams asks 19 questions with varying levels of detail help introduce you to the best dog breed for your lifestyle and needs.

Iams will suggest a top match breed, as well, as several other recommended breeds which you can compare and read extensive information about.

The Iams dog breed selector tool will ask questions about:

  • Size
  • Grooming/coat
  • Appearance and look of dog
  • Friendliness
  • Independence (can it be left alone)
  • Other owners/caregivers in the home
  • Training experience and time to devote to training
  • Housing
  • Climate
  • Other pets
  • Children
  • Your personal hobbies and activities
  • Any specialty requirements (will this dog be used as a watchdog, service dog, or search and rescue dog?)

3. Dog Breed Selector Quiz from Purina

Purina’s dog breed selector quiz provides 9 straight-forward questions that filter breeds as you answer the questions.

The quiz concludes with a variety of recommended matches, and allows you to learn more about the chosen breeds. Expect questions on:

  • Vocalization (how much the dog barks)
  • Purpose of dog (to be a companion, to protect the home, to hunt, etc.)
  • Dog’s attitude towards strangers
  • Shedding/grooming
  • Exercise requirements
  • How often dog will be left alone
  • Access to outdoor spaces
  • Training requirements

4. Dog Compatibility Test from Pedigree

The dog compatibility test from Pedigree asks 17 questions covering everything from dog grooming to dog food budgets, making it a very thorough test.

You’ll be given your top matches with an opportunity to learn more.

The only irritating factor with this quiz is the inability to select multiple options, even though there are instances when it would be appropriate (for example, you can select dogs that are “medium sized” and “large sized,” but not both). You’ll be asked questions about:

  • Size of home
  • Size of backyard
  • Neighborhood (city or suburban)
  • Your age
  • The age of children in your home (if any)
  • Whether or not there are elderly people living with you
  • How long your dog will be left alone
  • Your activity level
  • Is your dog being used for security?
  • Experience with dog ownership
  • Coat and grooming
  • Budget (how much you can afford to spend on dog food?)

The Pedigree dog compatibility test also allows you to search for your favorite breeds at shelters in your area, so you can get started looking for your new dream dog right away!

5. Breed Match Tool from Eukanuba

The Breed Match Tool from Eukanuba is another great quiz-style tool to help you find the best canine for your family.

The breed match tool from Eukanuba asks 16 questions, dealing with topics such as:

  • Dog ownership experience
  • Members of your household
  • Size and style of home
  • Time to devote to training
  • Time you can allow to exercise your dog
  • Time you can devote to grooming your pet
  • How often your dog will be alone
  • Activities you plan on enjoying with your dog
  • Other pets in your home
  • The dog’s primary role (companion, therapy dog, family pet, watchdog)
  • Shedding
  • Barking
  • Attitude towards strangers
  • Ideal dog temperament

6. Dog Matchmaker Tool from Woofipedia

Woofipedia’s Dog Matchmaker Tool is simple – it only asks 4 questions, making it one of the shortest dog breed selector quizzes.

Woofipedia is the American Kennel Club (AKC) dog breed selector quiz, making it a popular and trustworthy test. In addition to your final recommended dog breeds, it also offers a handy summary of your quiz results.

It’s an easy, quick way to get an overview about what breeds work best for you. You’ll answer questions about your ideal dog’s:

  • Size
  • Personality
  • Energy level
  • Dog coat

7. Dog Breed Selector from Dog Time

Dog Time offers a dog breed selector composed of 21 different questions.

dog breed selector test

You’ll be shown several possible dog breeds based on your criteria. Questions involve:

  • Size
  • Dog intelligence
  • How you want to spend time with your dog
  • Exercise (ex. Need a jogging companion? Not all dogs can handle it)
  • General personality questions about YOU
  • Size of home
  • Possibility of future human babies?
  • Age of children in your current home (if any)
  • Allergies
  • Your health
  • How often dog will be alone
  • Grooming
  • Training (how involved do you want to get?)
  • Dog parenting style (are you strict or lenient?)
  • Drooling

8. Choosing a Dog Breed Tool from Dog Channel

The Dog Channel’s Dog Breed Selector tool for choosing a dog breed is composed of 13 questions.

They are fairy simple, easy multiple choice questions discussing:

  • Size
  • Grooming
  • Energy
  • General temperament
  • Do you have children in your house?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • How often do guests frequent your home?
  • How tolerant are you of barking?
  • How smart do you want your dog to be?
  • Does your dog need to be easy to train?
  • Can you devote time to exercising your dog?
  • Allergies
  • Size and space of your home

 Have you used any of these dog breed selectors? Which is your favorite? Any good dog breed quizzes we missed that you think we should include on this list? Let us know in the comments!