Wisdom Panel 4.0 Dog DNA Review 2018

Wisdom Panel 4.0 is the latest and greatest in the line of Wisdom Panel’s dog DNA test kits.

Wisdom Panel 4.0 takes all the great features of past Wisdom Panel test kits, along with some new added features.

New Features:

  • Wolf and Coyote Detection. Identifies breed-related genetic markers that indicator wolf and/or coyote ancestry.
  • MDR1 Genetic Mutation Testing. Tests your dog for multi-drug sensitivity, which can help prevent instances of serious adverse drug reactions.
  • EIC and Traits Testing. Exercise-induced collapse (EIC) is an inherited genetic disorder that affects a dog’s nerves and muscle (first identified in Labrador Retrievers). It is the result of a mutated DNM1 gene, and is characterized by notable exercise intolerance in otherwise normal dogs.

Existing Features:

  • Easy Cheek Swab for DNA Sample. Once you’ve ordered and received your dog DNA test kit, use the included cheek swab (along with simple step-by-step instructions) to collect a sample of your dog’s DNA. Then seal the sample and send it to the Wisdom Panel lab for testing.
  • In-Depth Breed Analysis. You’ll receive a comprehensive breed report for your canine, showing different breed percentages of your dog’s genetic make up, along with a host of other detailed information such as possible breed-related behavior issues to look for, alerts for potential health problems, adult weight expectations, and more.
  • 2-3 Weeks To Receive. After you’ve send in your dog DNA sample, you should get your ancestry report within 2-3 weeks.
  • Goes Back to Great-Grandparent. See your dog’s breed ancestry as far back as your canine’s great grandparents.
  • Mutt, Purebred, or Designer Dog. Wisdom Panel lets you choose your dog DNA test based on whether you are trying to identify a mixed breed dog, purebred dog, or a designer dogs. This specificity helps lead to even more accurate results.
  • Great Customer Service. Wisdom Panel has been recognized for their excellent customer service and quick response time regarding customer concerns and issues.

For a different look at our review of Wisdom Panel 4.0, check out our video below:

What You’ll See In Your Wisdom Panel 4.0 Report

1. Ancestry

Wisdom Panel 4.0 analyzes your dog’s DNA marker pattern and predicts the most likely combination of pure and mixed breed dogs from your canine’s last three ancestral generations, using 11 different algorithm models and over 18 million calculations for the utmost accuracy.

wisdom panel dog ancestry

In the ancestry section, you’ll see you snapshot of you dog’s ancestral makeup, along with a canine family tree.

wisdom panel family tree

2. Breed Details

In the breed section, you’ll see a detailed analysis of the major breeds that makeup your pup. Wisdom Panel 4.0 provides a description of the highlighted breed, along with physical and behavior traits to look for in your dog.

You’ll find several pages like this, each featuring a different breed that makes up a strong genetic component of your dog.

wisdom panel breed

3. Mixed Breed Components

The mixed breed components section shows areas of your dog’s ancestry that go back beyond the three generations that are tested for.

Detailed accuracy can not be predicted past three generations, but Wisdom Panel provides genetic breed groups that they believe have a strong statistical likelihood of existing somewhere in your dog’s deeper ancestral roots.

wisdom panel mixed breeds

See what one family learned about their mixed breed dog in the video below:

4. Breeds Tested

Here, Wisdom Panel shows a list of all the breeds that were tested for with your dog, showing any varying degrees of evidence.

wisdom panel breeds analyzed

5. Certificate

Get a printable certificate showing your dog’s genetic background.

wisdom panel certificate6. Health

The health section shows the results of your dog’s test for the multi-drug sensitivity, exercised induced collapse, your dog’s predicted adult weight, and physical traits.

The traits section is especially interesting, showing traits related to coat color, coat length, and coat style. You’ll also see genetic trait markers related to tail length and ear cartilage.

wisdom panel report health

Where to Buy Wisdom Panel 4.0

Wisdom Panel 4.0 is only available for purchase through the official Wisdom Panel website.

Older editions, such as Wisdom Panel 3.0 are available online via Amazon, but this version lacks some of the newer features of Wisdom Panel 4.0

Wisdom Panel 4.0
  • Genealogy / Family Tree Data
  • Health Data
  • Breed Database
  • Price


Wisdom Panel 4.0 provides a hefty dose of info on your pooch, from showing your pup’s lineage as far back as the great grandparents, to great assessments of your dog’s behavior and breed influences.

The health data is better than most, testing for the major common genetic diseases that owners would want to be aware of, as well as predicted adult weight.

Wisdom Panel has a large and reliable breed database at their disposal, so accuracy isn’t an issue. Lastly, the price is quite affordable, especially compared to more expensive dog DNA tests such as Embark.

User Review
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John L Kmetz - October 19, 2016

I am trying to order a Wisdom Panel 4.0 DNA test kit, but the your system keeps telling me that my mailing address does not exist. I have had an older kit from you and I used the same address.

Your system won’t take my used name–Why?

Is there some way to get intouch with you folks?

    Margaret Steinmetz - November 30, 2017

    Save your money… our test results were somewhat of a joke. Did not tell me one thing about my dog that I didn’t know. Couldn’t tell what she was mixed with. Very generic info given that is available anywhere.

Bruce Falkenhagen - June 22, 2017

Please review your comments on the Wisdom 4.0 Panel results. In mid April, 2017, they changed the output dramatically. Please re-enter your dog’s name etc. at the site and the new report format should will come up. The change occurred in mid April, 2017. The new output is utter junk. Nothing like the pictures you show on your dog breed identifier website.

I did 2 tests in late March, 2017 perfect, exactly as you show. After the 2, we ran it a third time on a 3rd dog, and Wisdom changed the output from 12 beautiful pages to 29 pages, of which 12 were blank, 12 had about 1/3 filled with shrunken info, and 5 with 3 lines crammed at the top.

I sent emails to them, corresponded for about 3 weeks, showed them the problem and what most likely was a computer programmer’s error, and the response was “tough break- sorry you don’t like it”. I hoped that they would fix it; I waited for 2 months, just checked the reports again (June 22, 2017), and they have not corrected it.

Please review your 5 star review for Wisdom based on the new report output, and I really suggest that you revise it, as you are misleading consumers about how good it is. Feel free to share this review with Wisdom, and if you would like me to send you copies of the 2 types out reports, I would be happy to.

    Dog Breed Info - July 9, 2017

    Hi Bruce,
    So sorry you’ve had such a tough experience with Wisdom Panel! That certainly doesn’t sound like a very nice report. I wonder if it might have something to do with the internet browser you are using. These do sound like technical errors that may be based on some different factors, so I would hesitate to change our official review unless others come forward with similar experiences. However, if you’d like to send us your report, I’d be curious to have a look. You can reach us at info(at)dogbreedidentifier(dot)com. Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience.

      Bruce - July 9, 2017

      Thank you for your response. I understand the concern about changing your recommendation based on one review. I would not suggest it without other commenters concurrence. However, I wonder if many are like me and ran the test on 3 different dogs over time to be able to compare? I think that most would write it off as a defect in dogbreedidentifier.com’s website (and give you bad reviews), when that is not the case.

      That is why I suggested that you take your other outputs that you based your review upon, and look at them again. If you get my same results, I would think that you would want to change the rating immediately.

      As to a different browser, for the 2 results, they were run on the same computer, the same browser (IE 11)and were only 2 weeks apart. There was no known change on my end, but the indications from Wisdom 4.0 was that they DID change the output to something new, and they were sorry that I did not like it.

      I will send you the 3 files, the version before the change, the one 2 weeks later after the change, and the rerun of one of the original ones after the change.

      IF it is the IE 11 Browser, then the readers of your site should be warned that if they want to use IE 11, the output will not match what is described in dogbreeder.com’s review. Maybe you should consider posting 2 reviews, one for each Browser, if that is the case?

      Or contact Wisdom and get their response…

        Bruce - July 19, 2017

        My above 2 comment letters can now be ignored. I checked the latest output from Wisdom Panel, and while I personally like the old layout better, the glaring issues listed above are gone, such as blank sheets, data on only 1″ at the top, etc.

        In all honesty, I don’t know if the change is due to a programming correction by Wisdom, or my change of use of IE11 (no longer any real Microsoft support) to Google Chrome. My advice to prospective purchasers would be this: If you have IE as your sole browser, there is a good chance that you will have a very bad output; if you use Google Chrome, the output is back to where I would rate the company and output as a 5 star system out of 5 stars.

          Dog Breed Info - July 19, 2017

          Thank you for the follow up Bruce! Glad it worked out in the end.

    Margaret Steinmetz - November 30, 2017

    Same thing here… 8 blank pages and nothing but generic info on the breed. Not worth the price at all.

      Dog Breed Info - November 30, 2017

      Hey Margaret – definitely get in touch with support because that doesn’t sound like a normal report situation.

        Margaret Steinmetz - November 30, 2017

        Already have… they will reply in 2-4 days. Customer Service is about as good as the tests! Save you money people!!

Annabel - July 15, 2017

Hi i am in the UK and i really want the 4.0 wisdom test but when i go on the link provided it takes me to the 3.0 test. How can i get the 4.0 done from the UK please?

    Annabel - August 3, 2017


    Dog Breed Info - November 8, 2017

    Annabel, if you are being re-directed to Wisdom 3.0 it is because Wisdom 4.0 is not offered in the UK.

annabel stephenson - September 21, 2017

Hi i am in the UK and i really want the 4.0 wisdom test but when i go on the link provided it takes me to the 3.0 test. How can i get the 4.0 done from the UK please?

lisa M - November 22, 2017

I did the Wisdom Panel for my mixed breed dog and was very disappointed with the results!! The one breed that I KNEW she had wasn’t even on there. Sorry..I do not think its accurate or worth the money I spent. Can not recommend!!

    Margaret Steinmetz - November 30, 2017

    Totally agree… don’t waste your money.


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